About Us EIGHT STRIPES Essential Tote

I have two children. Actually, I have a toddler and a baby and I’m continually on the move. And I have more stuff than ever before, usually carried in dreary, generic grocery bags that I’ve grabbed from the back of the cupboard as I race after my toddler with the baby in my arms. I kept thinking to myself there had to be a better, more stylish, composed solution to my packing woes. And so was born EIGHT STRIPES!

A collection of re-usable, durable, bags that will not only provide a more organized, efficient way to carry your gear each day, but will have you traveling on weekends away, to playdates, down south and to swimming lessons in style! The bags, currently available in three different sizes, are fun, bold, colourful, and strong, with soft handles for superior comfort.

And why EIGHT STRIPES? Eight because it has followed me since birth - I'm born on the eighth of the eighth. And Stripes? Who doesn’t love them? They exist in every size and colour and no matter what mood my children put me in each day, they make me smile. 

My only hope is that EIGHT STRIPES follows you everywhere and makes you smile too!



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